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Buster Miles Spray-In Bedliners by TOFF®

Buster Miles is your premier source for spray-in bed liners in Northeast Alabama and West Georgia. Buster Miles uses the TOFF spray in bedliner brand.  Welcome to TOFF® sprayed-on bedliners. TOFF is a hybrid elastomer directly bonded to the bed of your truck that forms a seamless membrane, designed to create a durable protective coating. TOFF® bedliners are the highest quality bed protection available today, tailored to give extreme durability as well as skid resistance to keep all your items in place.  TOFF bedliners are currently being applied by Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda to name a few.  

Preparation Process:
The bed is draped in plastic and masked off to protect the areas of your truck that will not be sprayed. We offer over and under the rail options, short bed, long bed, over bolts or under bolts. Fiber tape is embedded to create clean cuts after application. The bed is thoroughly abraded to create the proper adhesion of the bedliner. Finally, the bed is air blown and wiped down with a specialty cleaner to remove any loose particles.

TOFF is consistently sprayed over the entire truck bed for an air and water tight seal. It dries almost instantly and is ready for use immediately.

The pre-embedded fiber trim is pulled through the liner material, yielding a clean, straight, edge. All other plastic and masking is removed and any excess liner material is carefully removed. The result is a factory installed look that will protect your truck.


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